Doctors and Nurses

Our doctors, nurse practitioners and nurses work as a team to provide the best care for you.  We provide the care you need with the provider you need.  You may be booked with a nurse for certain visits such as bloodwork, annual health visits, well baby/child care, prenatal health teaching, lifestyle counselling and monitoring chronic conditions.  You may also be referred to another provider by the nurse.  Nurse Practitioners have additional education and  as well as the above, are able to provide ongoing care for some chronic conditions, order tests, diagnose conditions and order prescriptions for you.  They are able to work independently but also always have a physician to consult with during your visits when needed.

The doctors provide ongoing medical care to clients with more complex medical issues.  They also are available to the nurses and nurse practitioners for consulting when needed.

If you give consent, you may be referred to another health care provider who is better able to meet the needs you have.  This is only done after discussing the referral with you and agrees to the transfer.