Suggestions, Concerns & Complaints

Do you have a suggestion or want to make a complaint about our programs and services?

You can make a complaint to Unison if you:

  • are not satisfied with the care and services you receive; or
  • think your rights have been violated; or
  • experience any other problem with Unison’s facilities, staff, etc.


Q: How do I make a suggestion or complaint?

A: You can make a suggestion or complaint by:

  1. Speaking to a staff person. It is best to start by speaking directly to a Unison staff person. You can do this in person or by phone. If you cannot do this or if this does not work, you can also ask to speak to that person’s manager.
  2. Filling out a feedback form or a complaint form at any Unison location. Suggestion forms are near the Client Feedback box. You can ask reception for the complaint form. If you need help filling in the form, ask any staff person.
  3. Filling out a feedback form on-line. Please click here to complete the form.
  4. Writing us a note or letter on any piece of paper and indicate if it is a suggestion or complaint. Please either give the form or letter to the staff at reception, or place it in the suggestion box. You can decide whether or not to give your name when you submit this.

Q: What happens if I complain?

A: Someone listens to or reads your complaint and forwards the issue to the appropriate Manager for follow up. If you ask us to contact you to follow up, we will do so. All formal complaints will usually receive a response within 6 weeks.

Q: What good does it do to complain?

A: Complaining can help Unison improve. It can help you to get better care and services. Sometimes we can fix a complaint quickly. Sometimes it takes time. Sometimes there are good reasons why we cannot fix it. If you want to know the outcome, we will let you know. If there is something we can change for the better, we will try to change it.

Q: What other options do I have if I complain?

A: If the resolution of the complaint is not acceptable to you, you can have your complaint forwarded to Unison’s CEO for another look.