Unison’s Strategic Directions for 2016-2021:

Following an in depth analysis of our environment and communities, the board and leadership team at Unison determined the main areas of focus that would support us to achieve our mission and vision.  These areas of focus are our strategic directions and describe what we will do to achieve our goals.

Strategic Priorities:

Client Centred Care 

We will provide seamless programs and services that are evidence-based and which reflect the input that our clients provide for program/service design, planning, delivery and evaluation.


We will reduce gaps in services At Unison and work with our partners in the community to meet needs and achieve better health outcomes for our priority populations.

Strategic Enablers:

Stewardship and Optimization

We will improve health outcomes for clients and community members through responsible decision making and optimal use of our organizational resources.

Improvement and Change

We will continuously learn, improve and innovate in order to deliver the best quality services possible.

Over the next coming years our strategic priorities will focus on increasing access and improving outcomes for the following priority populations:

  • People with mental health and addictions
  • Seniors experiencing complex needs
  • Youth experiencing barriers
  • LGBTQ+ communities

Download a copy of Unison’s Strategic Directions (PDF, 175kb).