Success Story: Unison’s Legal Clinic

Ms. E. Glazer came to the Legal Clinic with a disability matter: her application for the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) had been denied. Saltanat Shunusheva, the Community Legal Worker at the Keele-Rogers legal clinic, helped Ms. Glazer to appeal the denial. Saltanat reviewed Ms. Glazer’s file, and requested additional medical information from Ms. Glazer’s health care workers. Upon receipt and review of that information, Saltanat submitted it to the Disability Adjudication Unit (which is the part of ODSP that reviews and adjudicates medical eligibility). Fortunately, the denial decision was reversed, with no need for a hearing. Ms. Glazer was granted full ODSP benefits retroactive to the date of her application.

A bit later, Saltanat received the following thank you card from Ms. Glazer:


Dec. 2017

Dear Saltanat,

Thank you tremendously for your help this past year in obtaining ODSP/disability support.

I’ve lived a long time with chronic pain and mental health issues and 2017 was particularly hard. It makes a huge difference to my quality of life to have a basic income to offset the limits in my ability to work. It truly makes a difference in my health and happiness. Thank you for sharing your expertise and dedication.

I wish you an enjoyable holiday and urge you to keep fighting for the people who are vulnerable, we need you on our team. A happy and healthy 2018.

Much gratitude,

E. Glazer