Adult Protective Service Workers

Available at:

Date & Time: Mondays, 11:00am-2:00pm

The Role of an Adult Protective Service Worker is to:

  • Support adults with an intellectual disability who are living on their own to live as independently, safely and securely as possible in the community.
  • Develop a voluntary working relationship with participants in order to understand their strengths, areas for development and goals.
  • Advocate on behalf of the people they serve when those people are unable to advocate on their own behalf.
  • Provide case management for adults with an intellectual disability.
  • The role of the APSW as a case manager is to meet regularly with adults who have an intellectual disability to identify and access supports and services. The APSW’s objective is to help people access mainstream community services before turning to government-funded services.


An APSW can assist with:

  • Look for housing, but do not provide housing.
  • Informal budgeting, money management, linking with money management professionals.
  • Linking with medical and dental services.
  • Linking with legal services, parenting support, advocacy regarding Child Protection Services.
  • Linking with mental health professionals and services.
  • Developing supports with family/friends and community and supportive counselling.
  • Finding social/recreational activities.


An Applicant Must Be:

  • A resident of Toronto.
  • A person who has a confirmed diagnosis of an intellectual disability.
  • 18 years of age or older.
  • Looking for and in need of assistance.
  • Prepared to work actively with an APSW to develop a support plan.
  • Living on their own or are planning to do so in the near future.
  • Responsible for their own life decisions with the supports that are available to them.


Applying for the Adult Protective Services Program through Developmental Services Ontario:

  • Applicants must contact their local Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) organization to have eligibility confirmed.
  • The DSO assess the individuals service and support needs.
  • The DSO will then link individuals to available services and supports.

Developmental Services Ontario 1-855-372-3858

For more information on Adult Protective services across Ontario, please see Adult Protective Service Association of Ontario -