Project Team

Project Team

Stephen Mensah

Stephen is a grade twelve student at Blessed Archbishop Romero Catholic School, who lives in the Keelesdale- Eglinton West community. He wanted to be a Youth Advisor to impact the lives of youth and create change in the community. A fun fact about Stephen is that he loves to play soccer.

Marsha Nadarajah

Marsha is a senior at Weston CI who lives in Rexdale but spends most of her time in the Weston community. She wanted to become a Youth Advisor to give back to the community that has given her so many opportunities to succeed and to leave a positive impact. As a Youth Advisor, she wants to have more youth come out and give feedback to help their community grow and develop. A fun fact about Marsha is that she has a dog named Banana.

Mohamed Ahmed

Mohamed is a grade eleven student at Runnymede Collegiate who lives in the Weston community. Mohamed wanted to become a youth advisor because he wanted to be able to contribute in a positive way to his community by being a leader.  As a Youth Advisor he wants to bring a positive youth friendly vibe to the Jane St. Hub. A fun fact about Mohamed is that he loves Ice Capps.