Considering Working at Unison? Here are 10 Reasons to Work at Unison:

Making a Difference in People’s Lives

With over 200 employees, four service locations and over 22,000 clients, Unison Health and Community Services offers a wide range of programs and services to marginalized populations in Northwest Toronto. By joining our team you will become part of positive changes we bring to our neighbourhoods as we work together towards our vision of ‘Healthy Communities.

Highly Engaged and Motivated Team

Our Work Life Pulse survey yielded high staff engagement results.

Welcoming and Supportive Atmosphere

Our staff care not only about the clients we serve but also about each other. From day one you will feel part of the team and will always be able to find help and support you need, be it from management or your colleagues.

Diverse and Inclusive Environment

Our staff members come from a variety of backgrounds, lifestyles and experience but they all share commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion. Organizational commitment to creating an environment that is free of discrimination and harassment is supported by our Anti-Oppression, Access and Inclusion Policy. We offer free Anti-oppression, Access and Inclusion training to all staff and have a special committee working on various initiatives to promote anti-oppression and inclusion both within Unison and in the communities we serve.

Leadership and Innovation

At Unison, you don’t need to be a manager to be a leader. Leadership and innovative ideas from all staff across the organization are not only welcome, but also encouraged. We believe in inspiring our employees and getting inspired by them.

Opportunities for Growth

Unison is committed to provide opportunities for growth and professional development to its staff. In addition to professional development days and in-house trainings, HR Department offers support to individual staff who are interested in pursuing their career goals (career plans, coaching, mentoring, stretch assignments and special projects).

Opportunities for Learning and Exploration

Bored to do the same things every day? Unison offers numerous opportunities to learn and explore.  Working with a multidisciplinary team of professionals will allow you to go above and beyond your expert area, learn from your colleagues and create innovative partnerships to better serve your clients. Joining one of the organizational committees will enable you to work with staff members from different teams on projects outside your immediate responsibilities, try out a new role and let your multiple talents shine.

Staff Appreciation

We recognize that staff is our biggest asset and believe that each staff member’s contribution regardless of their position is important for achieving our mission and vision. We share our success stories during staff meetings. We value our staff’s commitment and recognize long-term staff at a special award ceremony during our Annual Staff and Board party.

Fun and Engaging Staff Events

We believe that having fun is as important as working hard. Throughout the year, Unison staff members are invited to participate in fun and exciting events organized by the Staff Engagement Committee, including Annual Staff and Board Recognition party where significant others are also invited, Unison Spirit Day, potlucks, etc.

Commitment to Wellbeing

We know that wellbeing of our staff is essential for performing their work well. We offer an excellent benefits package, Employee Assistance Program, vacation and sick days (three of which can be used as wellness days) and discounted gym membership to our staff and their family members.