Action for Neighbourhood Change – Bathurst-Finch

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Action for Neighbourhood Change (ANC) is a community development initiative, supported by the United Way of Toronto and implemented in the Bathurst-Finch neighbourhood by Unison Health and Community Services.

Our goal is to bring people who live and work in our neighbourhood together to make our neighbourhood even a better place to live. ANC provides opportunities for residents who would like to:

  • Get together and know each other and our neighbourhood better;
  • Come together and create a shared vision of our neighbourhood;
  • Work on neighbourhood issues in partnership with other residents and agencies;
  • Develop leadership skills in all walks of life;
  • Plan community events for the residents to attend and enjoy.

To learn more about ANC in Bathurst-Finch community and be part of the process of neighbourhood change contact Mandana Attarzadeh at 647-436-0385 or Mandana.Attarzadeh(at)