Be Well Survey

Community Health and WellbeingYour health and wellbeing matters!  The Be Well survey was developed to measure factors that are important to quality of life. It includes questions about health but also about social connections, sense of belonging and inclusion, leisure time, democratic engagement and the environment.

The Be Well survey will help us to identify areas, where wellbeing is lower so that service providers can determine how to change or adapt services offered to better meet client/community needs. The results can also assist in identifying strengths in wellbeing and in services that are already offered in the community.

During the spring and summer of 2017, Unison conducted the survey in the  community around our Jane Street Hub (Weston, Mount Dennis and Brookhaven-Amesbury neighbourhoods).

We have created several fact sheets to summarize findings for several topics. Click on the links below to view the fact sheets (pdf format):

For more information about Unison’s survey, please contact Andrew Koch, Health Planner at Unison (andrew.koch[at]

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