Seeds of Compassion – Trauma Group for Women

Starting April 2019, Unison Health and Community Services will be introducing a new Trauma Group for Women called Seeds of Compassion: Growing Emotional Wellness.

This is an ideal group for anyone who identifies as a woman who has experienced trauma and is seeking support around how those experiences continue to affect them. Each week the group will engage in discussion, mindfulness, yoga, and arts based activities to explore ways of better understanding themselves and working on healing from their experience.

Some of the key themes of the group include:

  • The Impact of Trauma – Post-traumatic Stress
  • Safety and Self-Care
  • Shame and Self-Blame
  • Self-Image/Body Image
  • Relationships with and Connections to Others
  • Meaning Making of the Past and the Process of Recovery

 Group Details

Wednesdays from 10:00 am-12:00 pm

April 3RD – June 5TH 2019 (10 Sessions)

1541 Jane Street


Tokens and snacks will be provided to participants.

Call 416-645-7575 EXT 2050 to register – Please note there is a 2 step screening process in connection to participation readiness 


Click here to view/download a copy of the program flyer.