QMENTUM is Coming to Unison!

From Monday, September 17 through Thursday, September 20 Unison will be undergoing an onsite accreditation process (called Qmentum), though Accreditation Canada.

Qmentum is a:
  • Process – to regularly and consistently examine and improve our services
  • Tool – to identify areas for improvement
  • Measure – of Unison’s services compared with standards of excellence
What to expect:
  • 2 surveyors from Accreditation Canada will visit Unison
  • Surveyors will speak with some clients about their experience at Unison
What to do if you are approached
  • Be honest
  • Be comfortable
  • Speak openly

You are reminded that speaking to the surveyors is OPTIONAL. But you are encouraged to do so if you feel comfortable, as the information you provide will help us with our overall goal of improving the quality of services we provide to you.

If you would like more information or have any questions about this process, please call:

Julie Callaghan at 416-653-5400 ext. 1241
Farah Begbie at 416-787-1661 ext. 3304