Petition to expand public dental programs

Unison supports the Ontario Oral Health Alliance’s campaign for affordable and accessible oral health care for children and adults living on low income in Ontario.

OHIP does not cover health care for our teeth and gums. About 17% of people in our province – that’s 2.3 million – cannot afford to visit a dentist or dental hygienist. They experience pain and infection, and often have nowhere to turn but the emergency room, where they can get only painkillers and no treatment.

Our clients have told us that this is an important issue to them.  This past fall, we collected nearly 150 names on a petition that urges the provincial government to extend public dental programs for low income children and youth to include low income adults and seniors.  On March 16, the petition was presented to Laura Albanese, MPP for York South Weston. Minister Albanese was genuinely interested and supportive of the issue and promised to ensure that the petition is presented in the legislature and to take it back to the cabinet table.

We would like to thank Wendy Rodriguez, for volunteering her time to support this effort. For more information about the campaign please the AOHC website.