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The job of the Registered Dietitian is diverse.  Unison’s dietitians counsel clients one-on-one for issues including, but not limited to, heart health, healthy weight, growth and development for babies and children, and dietary management / prevention of diabetes.

Our dietitians also work with community groups to promote good health through a focus on nutritious food and helping to run:

  • prenatal classes
  • diabetes management classes
  • diabetes prevention workshops
  • parent and child groups
  • nutrition information sessions with seniors
  • community kitchen groups


1651 Keele Street
Toronto, ON M6M 3W2
Tel: 416-653-5400
Fax: 416-653-1696 (admin and counselling

Fax: 416-657-3622 (health services)   
Fax: 416-653-8049 (legal services)
Fax: 416-657-1982 (housing)
Fax: 416-657-1982 (adult protective services)

Other Locations

Lawrence Heights
12 Flemington Road
Toronto, ON M6A 2N4

540 Finch Avenue West
Toronto, ON M2R 1N7
Tel: 647-436-0385

1541 Jane Street
Toronto, ON M9N 2R3
Tel: 416-645-7575