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Unison Links Project

About Student Placements:

  • Unison, across five sites, offers numerous learning opportunities for students every year.
  • Students placement period and days of week are various.
  • Students are usually assigned to one program or one team.
  • Students usually have specific assigned tasks or learning goals.
  • Students learning outcomes are usually confined to their own assigned program or team.
  • Amongst students, they may not have many opportunities to share common tasks if they do not belong to one team, one program or same supervisor.

Student Poster Project - Key Objectives:

  • To encourage students working in a team for projects which have boarder perspective or cross-agency/cross-site focus.
  • To fully utilize students’ different skill sets, such as interviews, data analysis, graphic design etc.
  • To promote shared learning and celebrate success

Outcomes of the Project:

  • There were five posters completed by 12 students working in Housing, Unison Links, APS and CPNP Programs
  • Two awards - Best Content Poster and Best Design Poster
  • 55 staff voted in early May.

Winner poster was the Unison Housing Expansion 2015 (The Best Content and Best Design Poster)



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