Community Building

Neighbourhood Action Group

Who we are: 
The Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) is an emerging Resident Council in the Bathurst-Finch Neighbourhood.  They came together as a result of a United Way project “Action for Neighbourhood Change” (ANC).  The aim of the project is to engage residents to take leadership in their communities.  ANC projects are in 13 priority neighbourhoods across Toronto, and Bathurst-Finch is one of them.  ANC in Bathurst-Finch began in 2007 and the NAG formed in the Fall of 2009 for residents to get involved in building a stronger neighbourhood.

What we do:
The NAG is currently operating under the following vision and mission:

Mission: The Neighbourhood Action Group works actively and collectively for the benefit of Bathurst-Finch residents by responding to issues they identify, advocating for change, raising awareness and representing residents’ voices in the greater community.

NAG’s vision for the neighbourhood:  Bathurst-Finch is a safe neighbourhood where people support each other and diversity is celebrated.

How can others get involved?  Anyone living, working or attending school in the Bathurst-Finch neighbourhood is eligible to join the NAG.  New members with an interest in building a stronger and better neighbourhood are welcome to join at any time.

Our Locations

Lawrence Heights
12 Flemington Road
Toronto, ON M6A 2N4

1651 Keele Street
Toronto, ON M6M 3W2
Tel: 416-653-5400

540 Finch Avenue West
Toronto, ON M2R 1N7
Tel: 647-436-0385

1541 Jane Street
Toronto, ON M9N 2R3
Tel: 416-645-7575