Operational Work Plan Survey

Unison’s leadership has developed a work plan that shows the activities to be completed during the year to move us closer to achieving our strategic directions. To download a copy of our strategic directions, click here. A summary of the work plan is provided below.

Interested clients and community members are invited to give us feedback on our work plan. See use the web form below. Or you may send your comments to Farah Begbie, by e-mail at farah.begbie(at)unisonhcs.org or by phone at 416-787-1661 ext. 304.

Unison Work Plan, April 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018

Strategic Priority 1: Client-Centred Care

  1. We will develop a simpler process for client intake and referral to all Unison programs and services. (Note: The process will be developed in 2017-18 but not tested or implemented).
  2. We will ask some clients/community members to give us more input into how Unison’s services, programs and systems work. We will also seek input from youth in the community regarding their needs and preferences. (Note: This would require clients/community members to take time to participate in interviews or attend focus groups or meetings.)

Strategic Priority 2: Equity (Priority Populations)

  1. We will provide training to staff to improve their ability to support clients’ mental health and to ensure clients’ safety when receiving services
  2. We will assess training needs for staff to support LGBTQ+ clients
  3. We will identify gaps in seniors’ services that Unison might be able to address
  4. We will develop new services to support clients’ mental health needs and youth health/mental health needs

Strategic Priorities 3, 4: Stewardship and Optimization, Improvement and Change

  1. We will support our staff to have good quality of working life
  2. We will ensure that managers have the skills and tools to effectively manage projects and changes in the organization
  3. Develop a quality improvement mindset in everyone at Unison

Operational Work Plan – Feedback Questions

Operational Workplan 2017

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