Careers at Unison

Why work at Unison

Short answer: Great people, great culture.

At Unison:

• We are passionate about the work we do and the difference we make in our communities

• We share food, fun, and laughter

• We celebrate our sameness and our differences and we value each other’s unique contributions

• We are supportive and welcoming and we challenge each other to grow

Want to know more? Check the Top 10 Reasons to Work for Unison.  

How to do well in the interview

Prepare. Practice. Be yourself.

The interview process is the chance for both of us to find out whether Unison is the right choice for you. It’s as much your opportunity to learn what we do and the values that guide us in our work, as it is our opportunity to learn about you. We have compiled the following tips to help you succeed in your interview so that we can both make the best informed decision possible.

Here are a couple of tips that would help you do well at the interview.

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Community Consultant—Residents First Project

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"Working as a registered nurse at Unison has been a wonderful experience – it is truly the best place I’ve ever worked.  Staff at Unison care greatly about their patients, but they genuinely care about each other as well.  This is a place where you will grow, learn, feel welcome and respected."

- Carina Chan, DEC Nurse




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